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I take a unique approach to helping individuals reach their specific nutrition goals whether it be in the recovery from an eating disorder or building a relationship with food once substance abuse has ceased.

Rachel Liger

Meal Coaching

Provide meal coaching to the families of teens suffering from eating disorders. This includes in-home visits, meal challenges and restaurant exposures.

Moderation without exclusion

Utilize mindful eating, intuitive eating and appetite awareness to teach adults and teens that eating can and should include all foods in moderation without exclusion.

Dietary Recommendations

Education on evidenced-based dietary recommendations

Pitfall Education

Education on the metabolism and our food environment and the pitfalls it presents.

1 on 1 Consults

One-on -one consultations for adults and teens with disordered eating.

Rachel utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to treating eating disorders. She has treatment network of experts that includes medical doctors, therapists and other nutrition practitioners help individuals recognize problems and take action to decrease or eliminate potential impacts on health status.

Each person is different and an individualized approach is needed to create achievable goals that are based on lifestyle and physicality.

Rachel is committed to helping people find joy in health and fitness and making permanent changes that will change their lives for the better.

Rachel Liger, MS, RD, CEDRD

Rachel Liger is a registered dietitian with extensive experience in nutrition therapy with eating disorders and weight management. She has worked in a variety of eating disorder and chemical dependency treatment settings to include inpatient, outpatient and residential. She is credited with the development of the nutrition program of the ED track at Del Amo Hospital and Oceanaire residential treatment center.

In 2010, Rachel left her position of almost eleven years with the Center for Discovery. While there, she served as the Director of Nutrition Services and had 6 RD direct reports. At the center, Rachel was credited with the development of the nutrition program that now extends to Discovery’s 14 residential facilities. Rachel utilizes innovative approaches and paradoxical methods for nutrition education and re-feeding of malnourished individuals.

Additionally, she lectures extensively at professional meetings and in the community and serves as an adjunct professor at California State University Long Beach. Rachel has developed a dietary mentoring program that has served to educate students and RD interns about the sensitive nature of the dietary management of eating disorders. She received her masters from California State University Long Beach and while there designed and implemented an original clinical trial study on the effectiveness of the dietician for weight loss management when medications are used. She appeared in the E! Television series “What’s Eating You” and gives wellness lectures in both corporate and chemical dependency settings. Lastly, Rachel has donated her time in being one of the co-founders of The Eating Disorder Coalition of the Southbay.
Rachel is also founder of Appetite Focused Weight Loss

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Rachel Liger, MS, RD, CEDRD